About UMI

Our Mission.

Provide each & every customer the highest level of service and attention.
Universal’s philosophy started 40 years ago as it’s founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the steel service center industry direct experience with slitting, shearing, leveling and pickling operations gives Universal a solid base in servicing our customers.

From the very beginning we have built lasting relationships with our employers, suppliers and customers. By maintaining good business ethics and principles Universal’s management team continues to offer its customers that competitive edge.

Universal is committed to bringing the best service and quality products to you… our customer.

Our History.

Universal Metals was established in May of 2001 by Bill Feniger and Michael Sawyer.

“The fact that we’re not one of the industry giants, that every customer is so highly valued and every order so expeditiously monitored, is what fuels our success.” – Bill Feniger

Our team of sales, service and support personnel are continuously schooled in customer responsiveness and accuracy. We are more aggressive in locating the right product at the best price; more focused on quality, and more dedicated to on-time deliveries than our competition.

What we do.

We’re steel distributors; delivering quality coil sheet steel at a low price.
Whether it is slitting, leveling, shearing or pickling & oiling. Universal offers a new and unique way of servicing our customers.

Our 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse provides an efficient distribution center conveniently located for our customers. Universal offers slitting, leveling, shearing and pickling services to better serve our customers.

Located on the crossroads of the Midwest, our facilities offer easy truck access to I-280 and I-75 interstates, along with rail loading and unloading capabilities.

Who we are.

Steel experts with decades of experience.
Our management team of seasoned individuals guarantees each and every customer the highest quality service and attention, which Universal Metals has become known for over the past years.

UMI has partnered with five Class I processors to provide our customers quality processing and on-time delivery. Our processors are within five miles of our facility allowing us to closely maintain each and every order. Each of the processors have an expertise in their specific process bringing a closer focus to each customer order rather than trying to be all and do all under one roof. Our philosophy brings our customers the unique opportunity of having their specific order handled by an expert focused on their particular order.