UMI President Bill Feniger Interviewed by Fox News About Impact of Healthcare Bill on Small Businesses

Greta Van Susteren interviews William Feniger, President and CEO of Universal Metal, LLC. In the interview William talks about how the impact of Obamacare is truly unknown at this time, but employers have to report the value of healthcare on the employees W2 starting this year. He mentions that he is of the understanding that this is to keep track of the value so the employee or employer can be taxed on this value. He also talks about how he is currently giving the best healthcare he can to his employees,some of which have been with him for 20+ years, but due to the affordability he will have to cut this out next year. He told Greta that he just received his health insurance quote for next year and he is already facing a 30% increase.
50% of the country just voted for this and its already starting to show its true colors.